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Dear Visitor,

Paper -Form Ltd is always glad to get in touch with new reseller partners.
Our company kindly asks You to register as a reseller giving your details in the form below and send us the necessary documents! Applications for registration will be considered very quickly.
We would like to ask You to send us after registration the following documents by e-mail or fax.

  1. Certificate of incorporation, signature specimen
  2. Signed reseller agreement (.pdf)
  3. Signed GCC of Service (.pdf)

We process the received material and register the company as a reseller in our database and online system. We will confirm your registratio by e-mail, and will send all information for login.( username, pasword) .

We can register as a reseller only those Partners, whose documents show that the company engages in trade and retail, and work in the stationery sector; furthermore, whose documents are valid.

For newly registered partners for method of payment we can only offer advance cash payments or prepayment by bank transfer. Afteraccording to specified agreemenst, we can offer special payment options also for our partners, if receiving appropriate guarantee.

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