General Terms and Conditions of Service


  • Stationery and office supplies wholesale activity with wide range of stationery, office supplies, product range. Regular actions for cheap copy paper and stationery products. Stationery, office supplies webshop.
  • Stationery, office supplies delivery within 24/48 hours after orders anywhere in the whole country! Stationery Budapest
  • Supplying offices with full range of paper, stationery, computer consumables mainly but not exclusively in Budapest. Design and printing works. Customer service.
  • We flexibly and quickly handle all incoming demand from our customers in our stationery and office supplies wholesale company. Personal communication, possibility of counsultation with our experts to save your money.
  • Stationery, office supplies, our customers and we are in constant contact if needed. We suggest you the efficient solutions, products. We are able to organize and maintaine import for our customers from the Far East, if they have big volume, or special request.
  • We fulfill our customer needs. Supply paper, stationery, computer consumables, etc. . Best conditions for reseller partners.
  • We supply reseller partners with paper, stationery, computer consumer products with fair conditions.



1116 , Hunyadi J.út 162nd
B Building.
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