General Terms and Conditions of Service

The Service

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter General Terms and Conditions) contains the rights and obligations of  Paper -Form a Limited Liability Company (established in 2040,Budaörs .Zombori u.36 , registration number: 13-09-102353 , tax number : 13447678-2-13 ; represented by : Mr .Szverle  Peter alone , hereinafter referred to as Service provider) and the  Customer of Paper-Form Ltd.’s  e-commerce services ( hereinafter the Customer).(Hereinafter referred to as Service provider and Customer and collectively, the Parties).
Customer is who:

  • registered in the web store to use that  
  • whose registration Service provider has accapted and also holds in validity
  • accapt and agree with these General Terms and Conditions contained in these pages
  • not residential, or any natural person to whom the Service Provider can not give such services even      

If he orders by telephone, fax, postal or personally in order to receive goods.

The aim of this General Terms and Conditions to control the relationship between the parties, when purchasing from Web- store , if parties do not have any other specific frame agreement for business connection already .

General information, fullfilling the contract between parties

1.1. The General  Terms and Conditions of Deliveries shall apply to the territory of Hungary provided any e-commerce services through an electronic marketplace (hereinafter referred to as Paper -Form Web store),  which is placed on website ( hereinafter referred to as Website ).

E-commerce services governed by the law CVIII . Act (" Ektv .") , which law is about information society services and for certain aspects of them .   

Using  present  General Terms and Conditions will cause, that the parts and provisions of Ektv . § 5 (2) and § 6 (1 ) - (2 ) paragraphs will be ignored.

1.2. The purchases in Paper-form Web –store is available by electronically submitted order, described and specified herinafter.

1.3. The Paper-form Web store’s features are for all costumers of the products available in the web-store, or resellers, legal persons or legal entities, any other organization with no legal entity, if validly and successfully registered in the web-store and agree and accapt the terms written in present General Terms and Conditions contained in these pages.

1.4. Agreement is bounded between the parties after the required field completion of company details and verification of the data entered, and clicking the cart icon to confirm the contents of the order is created.  

Agreement constituted in this way in hungarian language is must be kept as a written contract between the parties. Service provider will register this file , and will keep in archives the subsequent creation for  three (3 ) months from the collection.

1.5. Customer Service: PAPER -FORM LTD
Phone : +36 (1) 5016416 ( Monday to Friday : 8 am -16 pm)
Fax : +36 (1) 5016416
E- mail:


2.1.Registration can be effected, clicking in the Web-store /Registtration  menu point on the main site menu, and filling the data form of registration . Service provider must confirm or refuse  registration of costumer within 1 working day . Service provider has the right to reject the application for registration without any explanation. Service provider has the right to cancel the active registration of Costumer without any reason, deletion from the database at the same time.
The web-store can be used by a user name and password pair , accapted and confirmed by the Service Provider.

2.2.Service provider is not responsible directly or indirectly for any delivery delays , or problems , caused by the Costumer ( incorrectly specified data ; wrong product specification, etc. )    

The Service provider shall not be liable for any reason, for any damages, if the customer forgets the password, or unauthorized usage of costumer’s username and password will happen, appearing from the fault of Costumer.


3.1. The main characteristics and properties of the goods purchased, or planned to purchase, and their user manual could be studied in details on the information site of the desired product.
If there is any question before buying a product, our customer service will be glad to help.

3.2. The purchase price is always shown next to the selected product, in details as follows:net price + VAT. The purchase price of the goods does not include delivery costs . The customers who have discount, will keep their respective advantages of course, when they are shopping through our web-store. The valid current net price will appear in " Your Price " column for such Customers.

3.3. Service provider will deliver the ordered goods, within 48 hours free of charge, with his transport vehicle or with in cooperation of a transport company if the order net value reaches 30 thousand (thirty thousand) HUF amount and delivery adress is on the territory of Budapest & Pest County, and 50 thousand (fifty thousand) HUF. amount for delivery adress of all other places of Hungary. 

If the amount has not reached these limits, transport charges shall be paid by the Customer, so transport cost will be indicated on the invoice.

The delivery fee for delivery addresses of Budapest and Pest county 2500 HUF + VAT. , delivery fee for addresses of other places are 3,500  HUF + VAT .

The Service Provider reserves the right to change charges without notice.
These changes will enter into force at the same time by appearing on the Site.
These changes will not affect the purchase price of the products ordered before.

3.4. Service Provider reserves the right to change prices applied in web-store without any notice.  Changes in prices are valid at the same time appearing on the Website and will take effect immediatly.
Changes will not effect the prices of goods, ordered before. 

If despite the due diligence of Service provider, error, or wrong data could be as a price on the Web-site. Especially the well-known, accepted or estimated price of a product is significantly different , possibly due to system error display " 0" HUF or "1 " HUF , the Service provider has not obliged to deliver on incorrect price ,  but can offer the best appropriate  price for delivery, and knowing these , Costumer may withdraw  his purchase intention .

3.5. The orders could be accapted by the Service Provider from a registered Costumer, if he fullfilled all the necessary fields.
Service provider shall not be liable for any delivery delays, or problems, or errors, caused by the Costumer (incorrectly specified order data; wrong product specification, etc. )    

3.6. Sending an order, Costumer declares, that it accepts these General Terms and Conditions and agree with the content of it. 

3.7. Service provider, getting the order of Customer must confirm it by sending an e-mail to the email adress specified in registration. If this confirmation of the order within 48 hours of dispatch of the Customer is not received , the Service provider’s and the Customer's obligation will cease automatically .   

The purchase - and sale - or delivery contract between the Customer and the Service Provider will be effected at time of product delivery only.

The contract could be rejected by the Service Provider, after acknowledgment of order, if the ordered product or products are not in stock or not available, or it turns out, that the customer or a private person on behalf of the costumer is unable to identify himself and the Costumer as a legal company behind the order.

Service Provider has the right to reject orders without giving any reason, without the Costumer can appeal against this.
Service Provider may reject order in the case, when Customer is overdue obligations to the Service provider, and if the Customer order exceeds the credit limit, set by Service Provider from other business and financial reasons. 

Delivery and payment conditions

4.1. Service provider will deliver the ordered products to the address indicated in the order of Customer and in the time, what is confirmed in email, sent back to Customer. Customer can pick up goods even in the stock place of Service provider, if he send such message about his willing to the Service provider.  (1116.Budapest , Hunyadi J. u 162.).

4.2. Service provider will deliver within 4 days from 8 am. till 4 pm. the goods, what ordered till 12 noon, with vehicles of Service provider or a transport company. Service Provider is not able to undertake delivery in required time service.  The delivery times are announced here are only for guide and not for obligation of the Service provider The promised and actual delivery date and time of the order is in the confirmation of email in all cases.

4.3. Service Provider will fullfill his service to Customer on the place confirmed by e-mail. Service provider will make the fulfillment of his service obligations of the goods in the time, when Customer received the goods. Service provider  can undertake his free of charge delivery (not included in this part delivery fee , what is described in 3.3. part ) in the following cases :

a) Receipt of  pallets or boxes in warehouse : forklift , loaders or manual lifting help from the Customer is a must .
b) Receipt in the Customer's office on the ground floor: the requirement is vehicle access, parking place. Receipt is on the ground floor, where is the only one delivery point is the first room of the customer, manual takeover.
c) Receipt in the Customer's office on higher floors: the requirement is vehicle access, parking place, lift. Receipt is on the Customer’s floor , where is the only one delivery point is the first room of the customer , manual  takeover .

Partial delivery is allowed, and Customer is not entitled to reject this. Service provider, if partially fulfilled Customer’s order, will register remaining goods and will send at the first time that he could deliver. From this fact, he will send special notice to Customer.

4.4. New Customers can pay only in cash when receiving goods or cash in advance against proforma invoice before delivery. After a trial period and when the business relationship is strong enough  on customer's request it is possible to change payment term to remittance, until the pruchasing value under the credit limit amount set by Service provider.    

If Customer has expired, unpaid invoices, until it is not cleared, the only payment is in cash.
The settlement date is the date considered, in which the purchase amount is available on the account of  Service provider .
Service provider underlines, that for the invoices, paid after the due date – contrary to the Civil Code. 232nd § (2 ) -  Service provider will count penalty fee , which is twice as the central bank base rate . 

Service Provider shall be entitled to deliver back products from Customers’ storage place in the case of overdued payment of the delivered goods, and store on the buyer's expense in his storage.

Any claims against invoice, do not entitle Customer to reject settlement of the invoice, so Service  Provider  expressly warns Customer, that tis term above is different from Civil Code § .306 ( 4) , from them contractual terms .

The complaint shall be in writing, within 5 days after receipt of the invoice. 

After processing the claim, Service provider will inform Customer about his decision, and will take appropriate action.

If Customer violate the terms of payment, Paper -Form Ltd. is entitled to cancel delayed payment, change for immediate cash payment, to make all open receivables payable immediately, and to withdrawal of contract terms.

4.5. The Client is obliged to check the ordered package at the time of delivery of the items and if execution is complete, to sign the acknowledgment of receipt.
After this procedure, the complaint of shortcomings in package are not accaptable by the Service Provider.
If the Customer realize any damage of the package, or differences in quantity, the transporter from the side of Service Provider is obliged to assist to check the goods of delivery and make a report about the facts and/or sign all differencies and claims on one copy of packing list.      
Transporter is responsible for such losses and damages, all costs are chargeable for the transporter.  

The Client or his officially authorized representative must accapt the reception of goods with signing his name by capital letters and signing his name freehand and placing stamp on the copy of packing list.

Customer responsible for the authorization of the person, appointed by him to take over the goods.

Service provider emphasizes attention of Customer for the forms, what are controlled by NAV (Hungarian TAX office) in trading channels.
The procedure of such receipt is instructed by NAV as written in the - 2003. XCIII.3rd Law of Taxation Appendix K,

Such forms from the Customer side may receive such a person, who is in employment of the Customer, has been authorized to receive goods, and has Hungarian tax number and he is also willing to give it.

The above procedure is finished, when packing list are undersigned, and a report is ready in written form, as required by the NAV.

The delivery notes are parts of the freight. Details of the Customer Service
Marking and identification information is included, as well as details of the delivered items (order number, product name, quantity shipped).

4.6. Service Provider give option for the the possibility of product buy back from the Customer, in the case where goods are purchased from the Service Provider and Customer for any reason can not use or resell.
The buy-back option is only for such goods, what could be sold again. Particularly but not exclusively the following cases are not involved in this circle: outgoing models, the models where packaging has changed, ordered and/or imported goods on particular demand of the Customer, goods whose packaging damaged, goods where packaging quantity are changed, goods not bought from Service provider, etc.  

Buy-back request must be sent in written form to the Service Provider using an application report form. This document must be considered within following five (5) working days, the repurchase price is ninety (90)% of the original purchase price.

The recovery costs are on the Customer’s side. 

The right of withdrawal, since we are not in contract with a consumer and because we closed this possibility from the transactions, could not be exerted with the conditions as they are listed in the law.

Guarantee, warranty

5.1.Service Provider pays special attention to the quality of its products . To ensure conditions for this , Service Provider working together with domestic and foreign manufacturers ,whose products meet the highest quality standards.
The raw materials, manufacturing technology and packaging used for the manufacturing of products meet national and international standards.
Warehouses of Service Provider suitables for the storage of products, what is required, waste management and destruction of products in accordance with environmental standards and regulations.
Only new products, under warranty are sold in our Web-shop.


5.2. The applicable law for the warranty and the liability is as in the many times modified Act IV.Act of  Civil Code of the Republic,  and as is in  the  Government Regulation No.  151/2003. (IX.22.) about durable consumer goods and the mandatory warranty for them, and the prevailing provisions what is in force shall prevail.

Indication of the warranty time, - what is different from the existing legislation of warranties – is together with the goods.

5.3 You must find for guarantee or warranty claim the local service center of the Service Provider and one of the service place which are indicated on the warranty authorized repair ticket.
You can ask the guarantee with presentation of  the product's warranty card and invoice together.

5.4.The Service Provider  will replace the quality defective product ,if it is  verified as a real  wrong or it is proved , that it have been damaged during transportation .

5.5.Service Provider brings the followings to Customer's attention. The service provider's liability is limited to direct damages. The claims for damages is limited for the invoiced value of the defective goods, and requisiting the obligation of perfect verification of claims.


6.1.Security level of Web-store of Service Provider is suitable for general usage, and will not effect any risk, however, we recommend, that you do the following precautions: Use virus and spyware protection softwares with regularly refreshed database, install the operating system security updates.

We assume, that purchasing on the Website by the customer, means, that Customer knows the limitations of Internet technology and engineering know-how and the malfunction of the technology.

6.2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage , what has occured connecting Customer’s system to the Website of Service Provider  . Customer is responsible for the safety of his  computer, and the protection of data stored on it .

6.3.The Service provider acknowleges, that all data of Customer could be used and store exclusively to the purpose of performance of the contract and represent documents of performance, if  must be  ,  during fullfilling of a future contract . 
The Service Provider does not provide customer information to third parties, except the case when the third party is subcontractor of the Provider or acts as an intermediary during the performance of the contract between Servive provider and the Customer.
The Service Provider acts in accordance with the provisions of applicable law 1992. LXIII. or what law is in force at any times about customer data management , the protection of personal data and the publicity of public data. 

6.4.The Service Provider may modify these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF DELIVERIES at any time.
Any changes are legal and valid by appearing on the Site and shall take effect at the same time.

6.5. The Contracting Parties shall make every reasonable effort to ensure the solution of any contentious questions through negotiations.
If parties can not agree in the solution of the dispute, they here accapt the Pest Central District Court and the Municipal Court exclusive jurisdiction in all subjects, and without any value limit. 

Budapest , 2011, 10. 31.



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